Originally from Dallas, TX, I am currently in Tuscaloosa pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Religious Studies at The University of Alabama. I completed my undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at the same institution in 2019. I hope to apply my humanities education in ways that directly impact my environment. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to change the world (as the band Ten Years After eloquently put it), but I’m focusing specifically on what I, as one small (five foot, almost two-inch) human can accomplish.

After completing my MA in the Spring of 2021, I plan to take a year to work and gain experience in the healthcare field before applying to Physician Assistant programs around the nation. Although Religious Studies and Medicine may seem unrelated, there is always room for a little more social theory in the world. I am confident that my humanities education has and will continue to make me an effective leader, a powerful communicator, and an all-around better individual.

Ten Years After Vinyl Record with song “I’d Love to Change the World”.

I love to learn. That’s why I’m still in school (and will be for a while!). My goal for this website is not to break the internet, but to share my learning experiences in a creative space for whoever stumbles upon it — even if that’s only my mother (hi mom!). You’ll quickly realize I have a thousand thoughts that seem not to relate floating around this head of mine. And, if you’re anything like my friends, you might be pleasantly surprised when I drop you midway into an incomplete thought of mine. Answers don’t come all in one piece, and this site is my attempt to embrace the process of asking questions (hence the name of this site and a line my peers often hear me say, “I have a question”).